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Getting started

From the of first meetings, we will get together a number of decisions that will outline the entire process. This part focuses on your personal taste and your character and personality as hosts. We would like to hear your wildest dreams of the event style and get to know you – musical taste, culinary preferences, fashion style and of course the nature of your audience.

Stable foundations

The sky is the limit … But we must determine your dream event limits, limitations and constraints on which we act. We use technological tools and work methods that we have developed over the years in order to enable the customer the freedom to choose when and to what extent he wishes to be involved. These elements will ensure that we can fly high with your desires and land safely.

Out of the box

Once the process is planned, you can breathe a sigh of relief – and move on to the most enjoyable part – maximum personalization. We do not agree with the sentence that “everything repeats itself and there is nothing to renew.” We believe that each individual is special in his or her own way, as well as the concept, creativity and uniqueness of each event. It is important for us to provide you with a fertile environment to think outside the box and create your personal design mosaic.

On the page

“Purpose without planning is just another wish.” Meticulous planning up to the smallest details of mapping alternatives, adjustments of terrain conditions, anchorage contracts, professional responsibility, lighting angles, audience flow and more. These are the things that will bring about the realization of your window safely. We do not see room for chance in your event and we make every effort to plan everything in advance to prevent mishaps.


The day of the event

We see you as the guests of honor of the event. It is very important that you come to this day without worrying about how, why and how much. You come to enjoy and receive vast amounts of love from your loved ones. We are here to “win the whole orchestra” so that your event will be the show that you and the guests will never forget.

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